Welcome to my website.
I'm Matteo, an Italian "indipendent"
web developer and web designer.

Simply i love my work.

"I bend over backwards to make sure
everything is just right."

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One day I woke up and I said to myself : "it's time to follow your passions".

About me

My name is Matteo, I live in Verona and I deal with web design.
Specifically the project websites with the utmost attention to the latest web standards and give priority to the level of end-user satisfaction.
I like minimal, clean and well-design style.
My work always starts with a precise and careful understanding of the message and features best meet customer needs and the sector.

A little bit of history

  • 1977 born near Verona, in Italy.

  • 1996 graduated from 'ITIS G.Marconi' specializing in electronics and telecommunications.

  • 1998 → 2008 worked as a technical hardware and software at a small local company, specialized in networking and Linux administration. At the same time I started my 'hand-made' studies about web (flash and php).

  • 2009 sabbatical year. My life's big move, a second birth. I resigned from work and I left for a trip. UK, Spain, India, Nepal. At this time is still the best experience of my life. In same year i started to play golf.

  • 2009 → today ..


  1. Less is more.
  2. Web is made of pixels. Paper is made of paper.
  3. I'm the designer, you are the customer. I develop, you pay.
  4. Designing for humans.
  5. Think mobile first (when it makes sense..) .
  6. Clear interfaces and understandable and learnable interactions.


  • wordpress/woocommerce | 8.7

  • php & mysql | 8.5

  • javascript | 8

  • scss & css & html | 7

  • vueJs | 8.8

  • Golf hcp | 5.6 *

  • Cooking | 8.5

* golf hcp is the only really objective value ;-)



+39 347 0789525

Matteo Polati
selfmade web developer and web designer

via Carlo Alberto, 8
37066, Sommacampagna
Verona, Italy
P.IVA / VAT : 03881690238